E 10 is a family office based in Guatemala City addressing emerging markets energy challenges. We are focused on conscious, high-impact, triple-bottom-line clean energy and energy-related technology early stage investments. We help companies develop and integrate clean technologies and later co-invest, build and operate to scale. By having a hands-on approach we leverage our engineering, operational, financing and commercial expertise and infrastructure to help technologies reach markets and scale rapidly.

We provide entrepreneurs the necessary guidance and resources to guarantee solid business fundamentals in preparation for future funding and rapid growth in emerging markets. Our program includes a strong entrepreneurial/venture capital ecosystem, office spaces, community, mentorship, and capital.

Our vision is to have a protagonic role in the creation of a regional/emerging markets venture capital ecosystem, changing the mindset of entrepreneurs and investors alike while transforming millions of lives in the process, including ours, through conscious company building and business practices.


We believe in maximizing human energy.

We believe in conscious capitalism, venture capital and visionary optimism.

We believe in asking extraordinary questions, magic, intuition, and working smart while having fun.

We believe in promoting an open community, in sharing, in connecting and collaborating, and in a pay-it-forward approach.

We believe in developing world-class technologies and attracting the best talent to create businesses that will challenge the status quo and drive progress in emerging markets.

We believe in transcending individually and collectively by helping solve human´s biggest energy challenges.

We believe in a systematic approach for investing in conscious energy businesses, guiding conscious-high-impact entrepreneurs, and building solid business fundamentals.

We believe in creating and fostering an orderly-get-shit-done culture through high performance teams and leader that are responsible for the impact of their thoughts, words and actions.

We believe in rapid iteration and learning from successes and failures alike.

We believe we are in the right place and time to help build a regional ecosystem that will transform and better the lives of millions of people, including our own.

e10 lab

A space dedicated to host a community of creative minds and help cultivate new technologies aimed at solving humanity's biggest energy challenges.





We are located in Edificio OEG in zona 4 in Guatemala City, a creative and technology regional epicenter. Our infrastructure includes an open-office space with quiet rooms, meeting rooms, conference and training rooms, lounge areas, a café and an R&D; lab.

Edificio OEG
Via 6, 3-56, Zona 4
Guatemala, Guatemala

[email protected]